WDV221 Intro Javascript

Final Exam Project

Bruce's BBQ & Catering

Catering Menu Planner

Please use our Menu Planner to help us cater your next function. Choose your selections and our Planning Menu will provide you with an estimate for your function.

Customer Name:
Primary Meat:

Side Dishes:

Do you need Utensils: Yes No
Additional Products:
Number of Guests:

Estimated Price Per Person:

Your Event Estimate!

Prepared for:

Prepared on:

Menu and Prices:

Estimated Price for Event:

This estimate is good until:

Project Instructions:

  1. Implement a banner rotator script using the provided images.
  2. Use the given arrays to dynamically create the option list for the Side Dishes select box.
  3. Display the Estimated Price per Person in the area indicated. The output should be properly formatted as a dollar amount. When the Get Estimate button is clicked the form should use the values from the various selections to calculate an estimated price per person for the catering event. All values are dollar amounts per person based upon the selections.
  4. Display the customer name from the form input.
  5. Use the current date for the Prepared on date. Use your functions to format the date.
  6. Using the information selected by the customer on the form display each of their selections and corresponding price.
  7. Display the Estimated Price for Event in the area indicated. The value should be the price per person times the number of estimated guests. The output should be properly formatted as a dollar amount.
  8. The Try again button should clear the Estimated Price for Event area and return the background to the original background color.
  9. Use the current date as the basis for calculating how long the estimate will be available.

Extra Credit:

  1. Allow the customer to select multiple side dishes and include them in the menu and the estimate.
  2. Display the additional products in the menu on the estimate.
  3. Include additional functionality of your own choice! Note on the page what you added.

Grading Rubric: Partial Credit is Good!!

0 Not attempted

1 Attempted

2 Displays a value other than an error

4 Displays the correct value but not properly formatted or processed correctly.

5 Functions as expected or displays correct values properly formatted.